Text message marketing made easy

Our intuitive set of text messaging tools helps you grow your database, send timely and relevant offers, and benchmark your performance over time.

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Built to help you grow your customer database

  • Set up unlimited SMS keywords to drive opt-ins and track customer acquisition by source
  • Create web forms and beautiful, mobile-optimized landing pages for online signups
  • Flexible APIs for developers to seamlessly integrate with Signal
  • Built for compliance with carrier rules and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Consumer Best Practice guidelines

Powerful messaging tools

  • Easy to use tools to create, preview and schedule your text messaging campaigns
  • Segment messaging based on data you’ve collected, including demographic data and user preferences
  • Gauge how effective your campaigns are over time with in-depth campaign analytics and reporting

We're committed to your success

Mike generated over 3,000 new subscribers within 10 days of launching his company's SMS program with Signal

Collect customer data via text message

  • Send out a quick question to your customers, collect response data and automatically append it to your customer’s contact profile to be used for future segmentation
  • Create a SMS survey for people to provide feedback after a purchase has been made or service rendered

Drive traffic with mobile coupons

  • Include a promo code or link to a mobile-optimized web coupon within your promotional campaigns
  • Easy to use coupon editor to help you build web-based coupons
  • Click-through tracking by individual recipient
  • Coupon view limits and expiration date settings to help you limit redemption

Nurture relationships with SMS marketing automation

  • Create personalized messages triggered upon important dates (birthdays, text club anniversaries, etc)
  • Trigger and schedule coupons and promotional offers to be sent upon opt-in

Promotional tools generate awareness and build your database

  • Comprehensive sweepstakes platform for managing text-to-win promotions, including control over entry policy, winner selection, winner/loser notification, alternate means of entry (AMOE) support
  • Use SMS polls to gauge sentiment
  • Create trivia contests to quiz your audience

Exceptional analytics for all your SMS marketing campaigns

  • Up-to-the-minute results on all your text campaigns
  • Measure click-through rates using trackable short URLs
  • Real time look at delivery metrics including delivery rate, opt-out rate, requests for help and delivery breakdown by carrier

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