Email marketing to delight your customers

Create beautiful email newsletters, manage email campaigns, view delivery trends & analytics

Create and send beautiful email newsletters.

  • Choose from our pre-built email newsletter templates or design your own for full customization
  • Manage content with our WYSIWYG email editor
  • Send immediately or schedule emails to be delivered at a later date

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Manage your email lists and subscribers.

  • Add subscribers via customizable web forms, upload or API
  • Segment subscribers by contact profile attributes
  • View a contact's subscriptions, messaging and engagement history

Responsive email design means your emails look great on tablets and mobile devices.

  • Choose from our library of pre-loaded mobile-optimized templates
  • No need to code your own emails so they render properly on mobile devices
  • 38% of all emails are opened on a mobile device. Our templates ensure your emails are read by an increasingly mobile subscriber base

Email coupons and track clicks.

  • Create email coupons with our easy to use WYSIWYG tool
  • Track click throughs, limit views and redemption for fraud prevention
  • Popular barcodes supported

Powerful email marketing analytics.

  • Realtime data on all your email campaigns
  • Track opens, click-throughs, bounces and unsubscribes, and compare over time

Create email drip campaigns and email autoresponders like birthday club marketing.

  • Maintain regular contact with your subscribers without lifting a finger
  • Trigger a single email upon opt-in or a series of timed messages based on a specific date (perfect for birthdays, subscription anniversaries)

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